Today’s Smile

Today’s smile brought to you by a fan who wrote me today:

I realize that you probably get a thousand emails just like this every day, but I just ran across one of your posted videos on ****.com.  And I got all nostalgic.  I bought one of your VHS tapes back in the early days of the Internet.  Your tape was one of my first “adult” purchases.  I didn’t even realize that you were still posting.

Anyways, I wanted to let you know that you are as lovely now as 18 years ago.

Thank you kindly, sir! I’m so thrilled that people are still enjoying my work!

2 thoughts on “Today’s Smile

  • Just checking in making sure you are well, hope you have a garden in, and if not a planter box or two…
    a secret drawer off to one side with an old roll or two of duct tape, you know for fixing javelins…

    Greets from a world traveler, a small town gardener, a chicken herder, a mugwump, a friend of old.

    Hope this finds you well, and in high spirits, may the light of the warm sun touch your soul and set you free.

    Blessed be.

    – 199 Mugz (TM) *!c

    • Mug! Thee very! Blessed be, indeed. I hope life’s fortunes have been generous to you and you’re somewhere with big trees and good sunshine. How many chickens? I looked up having a sheep out here, but apparently my lot isn’t large enough for the city to allow it. Sigh. In another life I will have a couple little sheeps, but not this one.



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