Lots of work, I tell ya!

So the new-to-us house that we purchased a month ago is coming along. Bit by bit, it is becoming livable. It’s been quite a lesson in project management. There are several items that need to be addressed, but we are discovering that they need to happen in a certain order. Let me explain:

remove ugly & dangerous trees from back yard

remove & rebuild rear deck (this is the only access to the downstairs suite)

clear rock away from hot tub concrete pad in back yard

install pavers around concrete pad to make patio larger

re-seed grass

See? These items all seem fairly self-explanatory, but wait a moment.

Tree removal – must come before the grass is re-seeded, BUT requires a permit. Permit requires estimate from arborist. So tree guy came by on Sunday. I am filing for the permit today. Permit should take a week or so to come through.

Deck has been removed already. Contractors are starting the building on Friday. We had to re-measure everything on Sunday, draw up plans, and send them off. During the week we will run to the lumber yard to put the materials cost on our credit card.

Clear rock away – we’ve done most of this by hand. In doing, we found at least ten concrete footings that were buried in the drainage rock. They are obviously in the way of installing the pavers, so we need to get the machine to come back and pull them all out. Then the mountain of concrete needs to be taken somewhere, one load at a time.

re-seed grass – this can’t happen until the trees are gone and the footings are gone and the pavers are installed. So this is looking more like a late summer/early fall project. I guess we just stop using the yard once the seed is down.

This is just the back yard project list. There are a few more inside the house. Oy.


One thought on “Lots of work, I tell ya!

  • Avory

    The industriousness required to keep Elli-World spinning in proper orbit never ceases to amaze; makes me feel guilty about an inability to keep a simple office ship-shape.

    Thanks for the great progress report. Too bad this transformation isn’t being covered by HGTV…I’d watch (even without the bend overs!)

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