Ow, my face!

Fun female fact: most women have a few hairs on their face.

We have a few options available, as hairy faces tend to be seen as manly. We can wax, burn them off with chemicals, or simply dye them and hope they turn invisible. My preferred method is the nasty chemicals.

Well, I only use a quarter sized dollop every other week, so this one bottle has lasted me years. I honestly have no idea when I acquired it. It could be a decade old. It could not be. I have no way to verify. Suffice it to say, last Monday when I painted my baby hairs with it, the sensation was more irritating than usual. In fact, it burned like fire. Chemical fire. On my face. Not wanting to be a wimp, I waited the full four minutes before rinsing it off. Because I’m TOUGH and no chemical is going to make me CRY.

The next 24 hours were so painful. No obvious redness, but I could barely even open my mouth without wincing in pain. My skin felt like it was paper thin. Maybe it was! I have no way to verify. Today my face is less painful, but the skin is peeling and flaking. SO GLAD I’M NOT A WIMP. HAH! I showed that chemical!


One thought on “Ow, my face!

  • Avory

    Heck, the stuff dermatologists prescribe to burn off basal cell carcinomas on one’s face takes weeks to do what your chemicals did in twenty-four hours.

    Please consider discontinuing whatever you’re using, stat! Your face is far too important to the public at large to mess with such an unknown and unstable chemical mix. We always appreciate the sacrifices you make to produce fantasies for us, but this is too darn much!

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