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Ok, bear with me here. This thought occurred to me last night and it may or may not have real legs. I’m welcome to any dissenting opinions or facts you have. I’m trying to avoid mentioning a name that is likely to trigger eye rolls, but honestly, Nathan Rothschild is a major investor and advisor to Oleg Deripaska. He is a prime mover in his dealings and the Montenegro/Ukraine storyline.
In smaller news: holy fuck, Canada figures into this in a not-minor role in the articles I’ve listed.

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Cast of Characters (2016 POTUS election main candidates)
Hilary Clinton (and her husband Bill, former President of the United States)
Bernie Sanders
John McCain
John Kasich
Ted Cruz
Marco Rubio

*The Clinton Foundation is formed. The Clintons do not personally pull wealth from the Foundation, but charge speaking fees for making Foundation appearances.

* John Kasich supports giving Russia mediator role in struggle with Milosevic, also reducing US demands of Milosevic and reducing US military in the region. Victory is “not worth a bitterly hostile Russia.”

* March: Nathan Rothschild hosts a high dollar fundraiser for McCain in London. Judicial Watch files complaint, claiming illegal campaign contributions by foreign nationals.

* September: Frank Giustra, representing his company UrAsia, visits Kazakhstan with former President Bill Clinton under the guise of seeing the Clinton Foundation’s operations. A few days later, it is awarded a major uranium deal. Bill Clinton’s political announcements on this trip undermine Senator Hilary Clinton’s work in criticizing Kazakhstan’s corruption and lack of democracy.
* US National Security Council complains to John McCain about working with Davis Manafort, as the company was also working on Russia-backed Yanukovich’s campaign in Ukraine and was detrimental to US interests.
* Davis Manafort is also in charge of the “independent Montenegro” referendum, which is an effort to split the tiny state away from Serbia. McCain assists, lobbying hard for Montenegro’s independence.
* Mark Penn, Clinton’s campaign strategist, is introduced to Tony Blair by Bill Clinton. Blair hires him as strategist for unprecedented third term run. He also founded a polling firm and assisted the Koch’s mayoral election in 1977 and re-election in 1985.
* December: Oleg Deripaska’s years of lobbying are successful and his US Visa is allowed. He signs a World Bank loan and is questioned by the FBI. Visa revoked after this one trip. Deripaska is the Russian “aluminum king” and listed as the then-9th richest man in the world.
* December: Bill Clinton calls to congratulate Nazarbayev, who won the Kazakh election with 91% of the vote, which was “marred by an “atmosphere of intimidation” and “ballot-box stuffing.” Hilary acts peeved.

* January: In Davos, Rick Davis introduces McCain to Oleg Deripaska,
* Giustra donates $31.3million to the Clinton Foundation.
* April: Montenegro gains independence and quickly succumbs to Russian influence. “Montenegro is almost a new Russian colony, as rubles flow in to buy property and business in the tiny state,” Denis MacShane, Tony Blair’s former Europe minister, wrote in Newsweek in June. ” McCain, Davis, and Deripaska party together at yacht party.
* September: Guistra co-produces gala 60th birthday for Bill Clinton that raises $21million for the Clinton Foundation.
* Ted Devine, Bernie Sanders’ longtime friend and DNC political consultant, works as strategist for Ukrainian PM Yanukovich’s successful re-election bid. Yanukovich’s party publicly supported by Russia. Paul Manafort of Davis Manafort also consulting on the campaign.
* Mark Penn, Hilary Clinton’s campaign strategist (2000,2006,2008 campaigns) works for Ukrainian President Yushenko, who was initially backed by the US. Campaign fails, unable to win more than 5% support for Yushenko.
* Revenues of the Clinton Foundation more than double since 2004, from $58million to $134million per year.

* Giustra and Clinton found the CGEP, a Canadian branch of the Clinton Foundation. This is alleged to be a slush fund to hide foreign donations to the Clintons. Canadian law does not require identification of donors to non-profits. CGEP then funnels donations into the main Clinton Foundation coffers.

* UrAsia is now Uranium One. Russian atomic energy agency Rosatom is looking to acquire it. Uranium One investors make $8.65million donation to the Clinton Foundation.
* Hilary Clinton supports “helping people abroad before committing troops.”
* Hilary claims Bill would be her adviser and represent the US around the world (in her presidential bid.)

* Rosatom subsidiary ARMZ gets 17% ownership of Uranium One.
* Ted Devine works again for Yanukovich’s campaign, getting him elected President of Ukraine, again endorsed by Russia.

* June: Rosatom seeks majority ownership of Uranium One, requiring approval of US Govt.
* June 29: Russian investment bank pays $500k to Bill Clinton for a speech in Moscow.
* October: Rosatom’s majority ownership approved. Now owns 51% stake.

* Bernie Sanders comes out strongly against free trade in general and NAFTA and China in particular, citing concerns with offshoring jobs and exploding trade deficits.

* December: Bernie Sanders is one of only 4 Senators to vote against granting Russia permanent normal trade relations status. Bill includes Magnitsky language to prevent Russian “human rights violators” from entering the US and freezing all of their assets held in US banks. Final step before full membership behaviour of Russia to WTO.

* Rosatom takes full control of Uranium One and takes it private (now 100% stake.)
* Washington Post reports between 2001 and 2013, Bill Clinton is paid $26million to speak for groups who are also major donors to the Clinton Foundation. This is 25% of his total speaking fees for this duration.

* March: Marco Rubio says the govt of Russia is full of liars and is one of the main threats to US interests. He advocates for tough sanctions to protect Ukraine.
* July: Ted Cruz says US should levy harsh sanctions against Russia’s energy sector and reinstate ACBM in Eastern Europe that Obama cancelled in 2009. Also claims Putin brought down the Malaysian Airliner over Ukraine. Also says, “When the protests began in Ukraine, the president should have stood apologetically, emphatically for freedom. And when the US doesn’t speak for freedom, tyrants notice.”

* May: Bernie Sanders announces he is running for President as a Democrat and not an Independent. This will split the vote and have huge implications, removing many votes that would otherwise have gone to Hilary as she was the only strong DNC candidate. His most rabid followers will be anti-Hilary, costing her many votes in the final election.
* October: Ted Cruz says US should allow Middle East dictators to stay in place to protect US interest. I can’t find any dealings with Russia in his past. Cruz appears to be clean.
* November debate: Kasich supports strong resistance to Russia, arming Ukraine and making sure Finland and the Baltics feel US support. Also stay in TPP as it is critical to US interests and against China. Rubio also comes out strongly against Putin, advocating strength in the Middle East and increased support of the only bastion of American values in the region: Israel. I can’t find any dealings with Russia in his past. Kasich and Rubio appear to be clean.
* November: Clinton Foundation releases tax returns for previous four years and financial audit. Amendments are made (“we made mistakes”) to list speaking fees paid by foreign entities that were previously listed as donations while Clinton was Secretary of State. Clinton is duplicitous and appears to leave no tracks to any embarrassing entities, hiding behind the non-profit protection. Unable to determine extent of ties with Russia. All we have are her very diplomatic and carefully chosen words. Any media that gives credence to anti-Clinton sentiment is quickly rebutted by large flood of press releases from large mainstream outlets in their favour.

* January: Bernie Sanders continues the sister city program between Burlington, VT and Yaroslavl, Russia. The effort is a partnership of businesses and artists to improve relations on a community level. He argues to beef up NATO to withstand Russian aggression, but not to expand it any farther East.
* January: Bernie Sanders advises to work with Russia and Iran to remove Assad from power. End warfare in Middle East by telling Saudi & Qatar to fight ISIS themselves. Too much money has been spent on the Cold War and not enough fighting ISIS. Bernie is an idealist. He appears to use his Russian contacts to further his own message, but I cannot find any business ties to Russia.
* John McCain continues to make anti-Russia noises, but takes absolutely no actions to follow up. He maintains his “good boy American veteran” reputation at all costs. Conclusion: McCain is compromised, but will not act against his own political interests.

Present Day

This brings us to now. Here’s my tinfoil hat theory: Putin hedged his bets. He purchased both Clinton and Trump. He also purchased, by money or kompromat, the senior GOP members who would control the RNC nominee selection. He used his propaganda machine to split the Democrat vote away from Hilary, because perhaps she wasn’t as willing to play ball. Besides, after eight years, the presidency usually is handed to the other party. Also, Trump would be far easier to control due to his massive personal debts to China and Russia and personal eccentricities.

Here’s where I get really crazy: What if Comey is Putin’s linchpin? Comey had dirt on both Clinton and Trump. Whenever Putin decided, Comey was to release the dirt most needed at the time. If Clinton was ahead by a mile and agreed to play nice with Putin, Comey would have released huge dirt on Trump in October. But a deal with the devil was made, and Comey released the really, really odd letter about Clinton instead. Comey was kept on, as he has a ten year tenure, and the letter was not an overly huge issue as it is unseemly for the loser to complain about losing in such a close contest. Now that RussiaGate shit is truly hitting the fan, Comey protects his sterling reputation and leaves. I suspect he resigned and was not fired. The tapes that Trump mentioned this morning:

could refer to something Putin had to keep Comey in line, that Trump has now learned of. Trump is threatening in real time to bring down everything.

Which brings us to the ultimate tinfoil hat theory: Did Trump do this out of a love for America and a desire to clean the GOP of the corruption he was witness to? HAhahahahahaha

Ok, that’s enough for now.


Did Ted Devine advise Bernie to run as a Democrat? If so, did he do this at a Russian’s suggestion?

Also, Kasich, Rubio, and Cruz appeared to be clean up until the election. I have not looked into their behaviour since that night. McCain’s gonna McCain.

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    Elli, now I feel like I need to go buy some yarn, cork board, push pins, and some note cards… I know, I am an engineer I could write an app to do some data mining and make some pretty charts, but my tinfoil hat makes me want to go old school… And possibly move to my family’s cabin in the woods…

    Just need to pack a few things… And grab an external hard drive so I can have some Elli to go.

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