I find this amusing

Witness my own conspiracy theory! I have concocted a fun little theory (all the cool kids are doing it these days.)

I first checked the @TrumpHotels Twitter feed around the time of the inauguration. It seemed to be populated  by rather innocuous promotional tweets, extolling the virtues of the various Trump properties around the world. A visit a few weeks ago, though, showed some very interesting correlations. Humour me and read between the lines a bit:

Yesterday, Hilary Clinton returns from purgatory in a big way and we are getting excited about the next day’s Comey testimony to the Senate committee, we see a picture of a woman happily sipping champagne: https://twitter.com/TrumpHotels/status/859436146597789698

Apr 29, the 100th day of Trump’s reign, we see a woman golfing, something Trump is known to do when distressed: https://twitter.com/TrumpHotels/status/859436146597789698

Apr 24, VP Pence is in Hawaii to thank service members and Jeff Sessions defends his Hawaii insult, saying, “nobody has a sense of humor anymore,”we see a tribute to Hawaiian culture: https://twitter.com/TrumpHotels/status/856513141202706432

Apr 20, SoS Tillerson insults Iran and Trump deals with South Korea realizing his “armada” was not on the way to back them up, TrumpHotels says to “turn off the alarm:” https://twitter.com/TrumpHotels/status/855062373455073282

Apr 11, Trump says North Korea is “looking for trouble,” and TrumpHotels has a photo of an asian-looking “pint size prince”: https://twitter.com/TrumpHotels/status/851804780385230853

I could go on, but these ones made me chuckle and wonder if there is a teeny bit of resistance behind the twitter feed. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “I find this amusing

  • And today, the day Congress voted to repeal the ACA healthcare act, the tweet is:https://twitter.com/TrumpHotels/status/860139666892357632

    “Take time this season to practice self-care. Enjoy a night with us and a round of golf on our championship course!”

    Self care because there will be no government care? You can’t tell me there’s not a very aware person behind this feed.

  • Avory

    I would never have thought to correlate seemingly innocuous Trump Property tweets with world events, but there you have it, another reason to come to Elli’s site besides just, well, the sights.

    And yeah, I think you’re onto something here, Elli…I mean, who would have figured there would be any subtlety (whatsoever!) in anything carrying the Trump brand? Tongue-in-cheek or just plain cheeky, these tweets may be worth monitoring, and who would have figured that?

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