Some more shovelfuls of soil. Are they dirt? You decide.

A little bit of chain-of-consciousness Googling today resulted in some interested tidbits about the Trump family. Read on if you’re interested. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  1. Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump went through a rough patch during which they nearly called it quits. Rupert Murdoch’s wife at the time stepped in and took them for a lovely trip on the Murdoch yacht, Rosehearty. Shortly afterwards, Jared presented his lovely non-Jewish girl with an eye-popping 5.22 carat diamond ring and she signed up for conversion therapy.
  2. In 2011, Ivanka was an honoured guest at the Murdoch’s childrens’ baptism in Jordan.  So was the Queen of Jordan and Nicole Kidman. Strange group, yes? Rupert Murdoch makes a point of raising his children devout Catholic. This makes my first point a bit more interesting, I think.
  3. Rupert Murdoch advised Jared Kushner, now Mr. Ivanka Trump, to purchase the New York Observer paper. Interestingly, this is the paper that carries many articles by @20committee John Schindler that are adding much NatSec insight to the RussiaGate scandal.
  4. Jared’s father, Charles Kushner, served a prison sentence for witness tampering and tax evasion. The witness he tried to blackmail with a sex tape was his own brother-in-law. Chris Christie was the prosecutor on his case, and it is speculated that this is why Christie is the only Trump friend to not be rewarded with a juicy government appointment since the election. You can’t go around jailing Trump’s daughter’s father-in-law, you know. Jared is extremely close to his father, visiting him weekly during his jail term and consulting him on nearly everything, despite the father not being officially involved in the family real estate business anymore.
  5. Jared’s younger brother, Josh Kushner, runs a venture capital hedge fund “Thrive” and has helped his older brother half-assedly divest of his assets to obey the ethics rules in the White House. He also started a health insurance company called Oscar that has had much trouble making money under ObamaCare ACA regulations. Oscar is also backed by Alphabet’s (Google’s) venture capital arm as well as Thrive.
  6. This profile of Charles Kushner is super intriguing. Does Mr. Apple fall far from Mr. Tree in this case, as is the case with Donald Trump Jr and his father?

Happy Monday!

One thought on “Some more shovelfuls of soil. Are they dirt? You decide.

  • Scott

    Wow. Had no idea about Kushner’s father. Great post, thanks for sharing the links.

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