A couple more shoes, perhaps?

If you’ve been reading this great spy novel we call the Trump Election, you’re going to want to spend a few minutes getting caught up. Today, several more puzzle pieces have been safely clicked into place at a venue called the Mayflower Hotel. You can read the full 40 point thread here. Seth Abramson from the Huffinton Post, which I usually don’t waste my time on due to fluff reasons, seems to have broken a doozy of a story.

What he’s done is put together Manafort’s role in the Trump campaign with the timing of certain meetings with the 19% sale of Rosneft in December of 2016 to an unknown party. He’s also revealed an extra meeting or two with Russians that Jeff Sessions has heretofore not admitted to, not even under oath to Congress. Also making an appearance are Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner (Ivanka’s husband,) and ambassadors from a few countries that have stake in Rosneft. Mere minutes after meeting with these Rosneft stakeholders, Trump made his first foreign policy speech to a select crowd and espoused on the virtues of a harmonious relationship with Russia going forward. The Mayflower Hotel is the at the heart of these meetings and this speech.

Enjoy your Saturday. 🙂

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