The Shoe Drops

I woke up to pretty amazing news this morning. Paul Manafort, Trump’s Campaign Manager-cum-We Don’t Remember That Guy’s Name, is the apparent mastermind behind a decade-long plot to weaken Western democracy and infiltrate the US government. More here. It’s clear someone dumped a huge file on AP’s desk on purpose. This much detailed info does not magically appear overnight, no matter how persistent reporters are.

A few thoughts:

1) Holy Shit, he was working on this during Bush?

“Manafort told Deripaska in 2005 that he was pushing policies as part of his work in Ukraine “at the highest levels of the U.S. government — the White House, Capitol Hill and the State Department,” according to the documents. He also said he had hired a “leading international law firm with close ties to President Bush to support our client’s interests,” but he did not identify the firm. Manafort also said he was employing unidentified legal experts for the effort at leading universities and think tanks, including Duke University, New York University and the Center for Strategic and International Studies.”

2) Gates, Manafort’s partner, is deep in the Trump circle.

“Manafort’s former business partner in eastern Europe, Rick Gates, has been seen inside the White House on a number of occasions. Gates has since helped plan Trump’s inauguration and now runs a nonprofit organization, America First Policies, to back the White House agenda.”

3) Journalists, eh? Can we guess which ones?

“In strategy memos, Manafort proposed that Deripaska and Putin would benefit from lobbying Western governments, especially the U.S., to allow oligarchs to keep possession of formerly state-owned assets in Ukraine. He proposed building “long term relationships” with Western journalists and a variety of measures to improve recruitment, communications and financial planning by pro-Russian parties in the region.”

4) Davis, another partner, denies knowing anything, but then goes to work for John McCain’s campaign.

“Davis said he believes Manafort used his name without his permission on the strategy memo. “My name was on every piece of stationery used by the company and in every memo prior to 2006. It does not mean I had anything to do with the memo described,” Davis said. He took a leave of absence from the firm in late 2006 to work on John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign.”

5) Quid. Pro. Quo. Manafort cheats his benefactor. Manafort starts working for Trump’s campaign for FREE to ensure he wins the RNC nominationManafort on stage. Benefactor stops being annoyed by this after Trump gets into office.

“Early in the 2016 presidential campaign, Deripaska’s representatives openly accused Manafort of fraud and pledged to recover the money from him. After Trump earned the nomination, Deripaska’s representatives said they would no longer discuss the case.”

4 thoughts on “The Shoe Drops

  • Avory

    I’m sure the President wishes it was just the sound of shoes that were dropping. This is the early echo of an avalanche, and everyone knows you can’t stop those things once they start.

    Thanks for staying all over this, Elli…I know I can depend on my intrepid redheaded sleuth for all the links that matter.

    • I don’t have all the links that matter, but this one did seem rather important to share. 🙂

      Also very interesting that Nunes felt it necessary today to have a presser to say that all of these “incidental” surveillance findings have NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA. Methinks he doth protest too much.

      • Avory

        The problem with so much of the White House defense is that, in isolation, any of explanations might be credible, but taken collectively, they are incredible. Everyone knows if an administration has nothing to hide, it would be doubling down on investigations to lay to rest any concerns so it can get on with its business (and prove political critics wrong). Instead, investigations are discredited, evasive answers are the norm, and awkward revelations seem to be a daily occurrence. The bias of the main street media exists, surely (after all, it is well-educated) but any warts are completely obliterated by the doofi that currently surround this inept President. Just watch: Christopher Steele will prove to once again that you shouldn’t underestimate MI6 agents (and isn’t that name positively Bond-like?)

    • I do love Mr. Steele’s name. If it’s a pseudonym, then he chose perfectly.
      Yes, the administration is putting proof to their lies by acting as guilty as possible. They should be calling for investigations, offering up tax returns, publishing background checks, etc. But they aren’t. Denial is a great, wide, and deep river.

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