It’s Crazy Time!

It’s Crazy Time!

I decided to start adding an archive update EVERY DAY to my site! That means if you haven’t been paying super close attention since February 1998, you’re going to enjoy at TON of new content every week! New content is still being added every Monday.
Happy Wanking!

Show Me the Video!
HD Video: Fixing Your Tasty Snack!
Elli Gif

We’ve slipped away from the party for a lunch break. Let me fix you something! How about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Let me taste these for some quality control! Oh, delicious! Uh oh! Looks like I spilled some peanut butter on my nipples! Would you mind helping me clean up? We are alone for a few minutes… why don’t we have an orgasm break instead? 🙂

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