Doing it Backwards

Long story short: I did it backwards and that was wrong.

I was so happy that our new puppy, Buster, was crying to be let out to go pee and poop outside that I didn’t want to discourage him. So I happily and groggily woke up three times a night to let him out of his pen in the kitchen and go outside. After a handful of nights, the visits grew more frequent. The whining to get out came hourly, and then he just wouldn’t go back to sleep at all. I had a couple of exhausted days.

Then I asked my neighbour for advice. She has trained dogs, you see, so I should probably have gone to her first. She advised me that BC Guide Dog trains its puppies by bringing them into the bedroom with the humans, but on a leash and on their own bed. When the dog gets up, the leash tugs on the owner’s wrist and it is easy and quick to correct the dog or to take it outside.It sounded crazy enough to give it a try.

I wasn’t really willing to let him go uncrated, so I brought the kennel into our bedroom. What do you know! He fell right asleep with no whining, as he could see me in the bed and Daisy sleeping right outside his crate. AND HE SLEPT UNITL 5:15AM. Holy moly, I felt like I had slept ten hours! What a relief! And no crying!

And all was well in the kingdom. Thanks, neighbour lady. 🙂

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