Whither America?

Enough with the Trump Russia Wikileaks scandal for today. So today my thoughts turned to happier times, imagining him gone from the office of the POTUS. But then, I thought, what then?

Once Trump is removed by whatever means, who will take his place? The system will be set up for absolute corruption. He will have removed the checks and balances that matter and proven the rest don’t work. No matter how much of his administration is vacated, there will always be people left in power that remember what it was doing and how it was working. This will attract the power hungry people that should NOT be in power at all. How does America ensure the POTUS vacuum is filled by a well-meaning person? Someone who intends to put things right instead of take advantage of the lay of the land?

Regardless of when or if Trump is impeached or if a regular election happens in 2020, the next cycle will be critical. And the more damage that is done now, the higher the probability that the next person to sit in the Oval Office will be seduced by the perks of the job that Trump and his team revealed. There will be no “putting things back to normal.” We are in strange, new territory, on a path unforeseen.

Whither America?

2 thoughts on “Whither America?

  • Avory

    Absolutely correct. By normalizing conflicts of interest, self-dealing, lying openly and routinely, demonizing the press as “fake news”, constantly calling into question the electoral system, appointing incompetents to the Cabinet, and failing to release one’s taxes, this president has raised the cynicism level to heights never considered possible, and indeed, has legitimized behaviors that have no place in the leadership of a nation that aspires to be “the shining beacon on the hill.” Instead we look crass, autocratic, corrupt, and despotic…in other words, exactly how we’ve always been characterized by those who wish us harm. Only this time, those who wish to undermine us would be much closer to the truth.

    It is incumbent on the next presidency quickly reverse this with examples of rectitude that re-establish respect and inspiration within the informed citizenry. As we in America hold our collective breaths, cross your fingers, Canada.

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