A Tale of Two Terriers

Last Thursday our family grew by one furry member. Buster, the 8 week old blue rat terrier, has wiggled his way into our hearts. At first he was really annoying, but we’ve done a lot of work over the past week and now he’s passably polite. Daisy has even taken to letting him sleep in her bed with her during the day. It’s a joy to watch her play with him, teasing him into chasing her up and down the hallway. She’s only done this with a couple dogs in her whole life, and now she can do it every day! This will keep her young at heart, I hope. She’s seven years old now, which is young, you say, but in doggy years she’s 45. That means she’s slowed down a whole lot and can’t do the marathon walks anymore and definitely can’t jog with me. She prefers a brisk 25 minute jaunt through the neighbourhood over the 90 minute trek to the beach and back.

Buster is now completely on raw food, as I have run out of the bag of kibble the breeder sent him home with. (Dangling participle wut?) I am extremely happy to report that this means he now only gets up for one pee at 3am and not a pee at 1:45am, another at 3:30am, and yet another at 6am. His poops are also smaller and less smelly. More joy! Why get up at all? Because even though he has newspaper in his pen, he cries to go out. If I were to let him cry and pee, then he would learn that a) it’s ok to pee inside and b) crying to be let out has no result. So, up I get and out we go!

He is already 6lbs of steel grey mischief, but luckily hasn’t chewed any of my chair legs yet. He has busied himself finding all the loose tufts in the carpet and furniture, though. I’ve had to follow him around with scissors to nip those strands away. He also pulls the tags off of toys and already swallowed a piece of string! Daisy was never that destructive, even when she was teething, so this is new to me.

Anyway, we love him to bits and wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Terriers

  • Peter

    Love the raw food, 1/3 of the frequency of poops compared to kibble.
    Where do you get yours? I use surrey meat packers, great price/tube

    • Yes, I love the folks at Surrey Meat Packers! We’ve been going there for seven years now. The lamb necks make great ragu, too. 🙂

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