A New Addition

I am very pleased to announce that a new little terrier will be joining my little family next Thursday. It’s a decision that we didn’t make lightly. It took nearly a year of discussions and thoughts before we put a deposit on a puppy from the same breeder who sold us our lovely little Daisy. But now the day approaches and I couldn’t be more excited!

His name will probably be Buster, unless he proves to not be a Buster. He will be a bit bigger than Daisy and will probably top out at just under 20lbs. Daisy is a svelte 16lbs. Buster is blue and tan, with a white chest, and will be the cutest thing in existence since Daisy, of course.

OMG I am just so very excited. Thursday is so far away!

One thought on “A New Addition

  • Avory

    Wow! Buster is a young cutie, but he’s already got Elli’s determination and ethic…look how he’s rolled up his sleeves and is ready to go to work! Look out, Daisy, there’s someone in the house who’s going to challenge you for treats, tricks, and balls! More importantly, will there be room on the couch for both of them?

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