My Site Got Busier!

It did! I was picking through my ElevatedX interface yesterday, realizing that a bunch of archive shoots have fallen off the visible side. They were waiting for me to bring them back, you see. Instead of spacing them out two a week, I decided to add one back every three days. How it will work now is the archive update will be live on my site to enjoy for 90 days, then will fall back off for 180 days. This should keep things fresh for old and new members alike.

As always, if there’s a particular update you’ve seen floating around the web or that you remember, just contact me and tell me about it. I will find it for you and make it “go live” immediately! Also, this doesn’t apply to the hotter video updates. It mostly applies to the older photo updates from previous iterations of

What do you think? Do you like this arrangement? Could you do it better?

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