A Mega Issue and a Question

This week’s issue is stuffed fuller than my mouth gets when I’m going to town on my man! I also ask a very important question.

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This Week’s Question: I am going to get together with Julia the Naughty Teacher from FFStockings.comin mid-October. If you are interested in a CUSTOM VIDEO with the both of us, please email me right away! Our prices start at $480US for a 30 minute video and we have a minimum of 20 minutes. Send me an email atelli@ellinude.com!

My Brown Friend Pleases Me (New HD Video!)

Elli teases you in animated gif

I just walked in the door from a long day at my office and a friend phones. He’ll be here in 20 minutes to pick me up for drinks! I wasn’t really feeling like socializing, but it IS Friday so… But first I want to show you my secret! I’ve had my jacket on all day (or have I?) because I’ve been wearing my satin OPEN CUP bra to work! Would you like a mouthful of these while hiding in the supply room? Just thinking about it, feeling my nipples in the cold air perk up while I walk down the gauntlet of cubicles.. my pussy has been dripping all day! This is a job for my Brown Friend, don’t you think?
milf redhead milf teases

Slippery Tits! (update from the archives)

elli oily skin
Nothing gets my nipples harder than to coat them with slick baby oil and tweak them! It can make me nearly cum from the sensation! Maybe if you did it for me, I would actually orgasm from it! Would you like to try with me?

Jogging in the Buff! (update from the archives)
sexy babe elligirl flashing outside
Summer has definitely arrived! The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, and the sun is HOT! So hot that I just had to strip down naked for today’s jog! Luckily I had my water bottle to keep me cooled off! Now all I need is a towel boy to help me clean up! I’m afraid I made a little mess of the trail 😉

Sexy Body Stocking (update from the archives)
sexy babe elligirl in lingerie
Date night doesn’t have to mean we leave the house! It can mean a drink on the sofa with your honey. And boy, am I tipsy after that drink you gave me! Was that a triple?? I have no idea, but now I’m SUPER HORNY! You can’t leave me like this! Bring that nice cock here!!

Skinny Dipping in the Neighbour’s Pool! (update from the archives)
sexy babe elligirl flashing outside
It’s SO hot still! I had to run into my neighbour’s yard and beg to use their pool! His wife wasn’t home, so he said I had to be quick, and only if he was allowed to watch. I didn’t mind sharing with him 🙂 Would you have let me dip in your pool? He seems to have been a bit of a foot fetishist, with all the foot pics he snapped!

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