So close!

Argh! I've been working with the folks at ElevatedX to restore my members mobile area to its former (or hopefully even better) glory, but it looks like the holidays are messing up working hours. To console myself, I spent some good hours with my free mobile area nd found that things that worked on my desktop did NOT work on my phone. Tsk tsk on me for not thoroughly testing! I think I've got most of the bugs worked out, but that image splash screen has definitely got to go. My Blackberry couldn't handle the picture without slicing it up!

newsletter subscribe from mobile
join link from mobile
added trailer link under free samples on main tour pages on mobile
added join link under free samples on update pages

If you see anything broken or otherwise unhappy, I'd love it if you let me know! I don't own every device under the sun to test it, and honestly I get tired of looking at myself after so many hours! 

Now I need a drink…

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