The Legion is on Lock Down

I have been looking for a band to hire for an event, and received an invitation to check out a band at a local Canadian Legion last night. I was told to just say I was “there for the band” to get around the Legion’s invitation-only requirements. Due to the dwindling population of war vets, though, the Legions around here tend to welcome newcomers with open arms.

Not the Cloverdale Legion! We were given the third degree by a uniformed guard at the front desk who finally let us know that he would sign for us, grudgingly. After all that, the beers were not cheap like other Legions I have visited with less hassle. The waitress couldn’t make change for three drinks without using the calculator on her tray. AND the band was lacklustre! Sure, a good group of seniors were up and strutting their stuff on the large dance floor, but the band had no personality or showmanship, and the drummer seemed to speed up and slow down on a whim. Honestly, the players could have put canned music on and stood cardboard cutouts on stage and the effect would have been the same.

So we went to the Clydesdale for some dinner, as the Legion’s kitchen had closed early at 7pm. Karaoke night after the ‘nucks game was fun in that little dive! Then we tried to go see the peelers at the Legacy Showroom and found it was CLOSED INDEFINITELY (the caps were on the paper sign taped to the door.) Sad, I know.

The search for a decent, talented band continues. There’s a potential candidate called Hey Stewey at Rooster’s tonight, but hey, it’s a Sunday and that’s a heck of a long way to go. They had better be good!

3 thoughts on “The Legion is on Lock Down

  • What sort of music are you looking for? I still have contact with one of my friends from Edmonton who has also lived in Vancouver – she’s relatively well connected, but it depends very much on the genre(s) you’re trying to cover. 🙂

    • That would be most excellent! We’re looking for a group that can provide some showmanship and good all ages dancing music. Stuff like some country, some rock n roll, and the standards. They need to be able to read the crowd and play accordingly. Small group of 70ish people but a nice venue.

      • Unfortunately, I think that’s a bit outside of her norm – she was pretty involved in more of the alt-rock/hardcore type scene (she’s been able to hang out with Econoline Crush multiple times !!!). Finding a *good* cover band is definitely a challenge, even here in Minneapolis where the local scene is pretty active.

        Although I do know a really entertaining Dead Kennedys cover band, if you ever should need one. 🙂

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