I think it’s springtime, folks!

Thank goodness! This winter has been exceedingly mild, but since we didn't really get a summer in 2011, I've been hoping 2012 is better. So far so good! The sun is out, the snowstorm that wasn't has passed by, and the daffodils are almost opened. In fact, I saw an early cherry tree in bloom last night! Bring on the sunshine!

In other news, I ordered a bunch of vintage panties from PleasingPanties.com. So if you're a fan of vintage lingerie, you might want to stay tuned to ElliNude.com 🙂 In fact, you should probably email me some shoot or video ideas of what you would like to see!

Happy Sunday!

8 thoughts on “I think it’s springtime, folks!

  • Anonymous

    I remember a while back…

    A while back you had a list of all the classics you had read. I think it was around the Winter Olympics when Canada unfortunately beat USA in the second game. :\

    So do you like to read? Because I have a blog that’s full of fiction! If you’re ever looking for something new.

    • Re: I remember a while back…

      I do have a list of those somewhere! I’ll have to look for it now. My reading has slowed down a bit. I got hooked on the free books that came with my Kobo, and most are medieval cooking books and other esoteric titles.

      • Anonymous

        Re: I remember a while back…

        Medieval cooking books?! Is the food good? Is it updated for modern spices and time?

        Nothing Fazes a Ghost is always good if you want fantasy comedy stuff.

      • Anonymous

        Re: I remember a while back…

        If you ever find yourself full of free time again and want to read a young author’s story, try FazeaGhost.blogspot.com

        I write it 🙂 And I have a novel coming out!

  • PleasingPanties

    MG-SD25 Feminine silk satin low cut with the IPH01 Sexy and alluring floral pantyhose, you’d look amazing in those.

  • I had snow here last night. It did not miss you by much.

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