All Cleaned Up

With Christmas all put away for another year, the house is feeling a lot less cluttered and a lot cleaner. It's weird, but our fake tree sheds just as much as a real one, so our carpet has been littered with needles for a good handful of weeks! 

Our neighbours go away for a few weeks tomorrow. We're minding the house for them, making sure no suspicious punks are loitering about and causing trouble. It'll be kind of nice having their house empty. Not that we lack privacy. It's just nice to know we have slightly more space. 

Vancouver property values went up again this year, some areas by as much as 10%! When will the madness stop? When China starts to feel the recession. At that point we MAY plateau. Until then, ugh. Good luck getting into the market any time soon if you're not an immigrant or someone similar with at least $200k to throw around on a whim. Because that will get you just about a 560 sq ft, 40 year old apartment in Kerrisdale, not even in the downtown.Blah.

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