Welcome to 2012!

So far it's been good! We had a gaggle of friends over on New Years Eve, so that was a lot of fun and even better that we didn't have to worry about a safe drive home! The day after was hangover day and sleep in day. That was nice. Not the hangover part so much. Today has been Put Christmas Back in a Box Day. This is also nice. As cozy and warm as Christmas decorations make the home, it's nice to get back to regular life and not have to greeted by holly and bells at every turn. Reindeer hand towels have a time and a place. 

Here's to getting back to work tomorrow! 

Oh, and my New Years Resolutions are not so much resolutions, but habits I want to start. 
30 minute walk after dinner every night (3 nights in a row so far!)
1 hour exercise every day other than that (1 day in a row so far!)

One thought on “Welcome to 2012!

  • Weekend for the Tree to the mulcher, and decos in the boxes… Have also been walking in the evening, wet dog or not 😉 Good luck with the non resolution resolutions!!

    Love the pic 😉

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