A Wish from Me to You

Christmas wishes are the spice of life, yes? Or is that eggnog? ANYhoo, I have some Christmas wishes to share with you, Constant Reader.

For the world:
I wish for more peace, less war, and better financial stability around the world.
I wish for less consumerism and more homegrown products made with craft and care.
I wish for healthier food, cleaner water, cleaner air, and more trees.

For myself:
I wish for exciting adventures in the new year.
I wish for better health for myself and my loved ones.
I wish for more patience and grace when my temper grows short.

For you, Constant Reader:
I wish for a holiday full of love and hugs and well wishes.
I wish for a new year full of hope and positivity and the ability to make good changes happen.
I wish for lots of wonderful adventures and happy days in the future.

Merry Christmas, everyone! 

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