The difference between Gourmet and Regular cooking

I have a big yellow cookbook that purports to be filled with the best recipes from the history of Gourmet magazine. It's fun to flip through and find what I could do with champignons if I had some. Unfortunately I only have mushrooms in my kitchen. Last night I did find an appetizing and approachable recipe for a chicken stew type of meal. One pot? Check! Bone-in chicken? Check! Not too fancy for me sweet mum? Check! But could I find Gruyere cheese and creme fraiche on a Sunday afternoon? Not quite. 

A tiny round of Gruyere cost $5, but hey, that's the price of good food, right? Creme fraiche was nowhere to be found. I grabbed a little jar of Devonshire cream, hoping that would be a good substitute. Well, when I got home to my internet, I found the best substitute was sour cream! So there we go – mostly gourmet chicken stew thing. It was delicious! The Gruyere actually gave it a nice tang. Would I cook it again? Probably. But I would add my own tweaks. The bundle of fresh herbs didn't add much flavour, so I think I'll add some dried herbs next time. And more heat. And maybe a dash of Worcestershire sauce. That's my secret ingredient for adding complexity and depth. Shhhh don't tell anyone! 

Happy cooking!

2 thoughts on “The difference between Gourmet and Regular cooking

  • Anonymous

    The improvisation of life

    Cooking just like music and art and sex is often most interesting when spontaineous and invented in the moment. Luxury and lust are not exclusive and prove a great counterpoint to dirty, rough and unapologetic carnal desires

    • Re: The improvisation of life

      Great comment! That is so true 🙂 I prefer to add my own little twist to most recipes for that very reason!

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