Richmond Night Market was soooo fun!

The Richmond Night Market has been on for years but I have never, ever gone. Well last night I finally went! We left the car at a friend’s mechanic shop and walked all the way up there (North of Home Depot in Richmond, BC) with the rest of the crowd.

It was like the best part of the PNE! All the stalls and doodads and gizmos and socks you could imagine! But the food was amazing! We got skewers of bbq’d lamb, beef and crispy buns from a Korean BBQ stand. Perfect! Mix that up with some yam fries with honey garlic sauce from a Japanese stand. And then cream puffs stuffed with durian and mango filling from Who’s Your Daddy Cream Puffs… mmmmmm! That was quite a dinner, and all for under $15 for two people!

I was shocked to look at a clock and see it was already 11pm! I picked up some super cute socks and tank tops, and will be back for more. Too bad it’s not on all year!

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