Congratulations to the better team!

Watching the Stanley Cup game tonight was heartbreaking. Everyone was so excited. Maybe we wouldn’t win, but we sure would give them a run for their money! But that wasn’t how the story went, not at all.

Luongo, you got us here but when push came to shove, you got pushed AND shoved.
Sedins, you played alright. Being psychic twins helps.
Kessler and Burrows, thanks for trying.

So here I sit, saying the following:
Congratulations to a hard working, scrappy, no-nonsense team, the Boston Bruins. It’s good to see the Cup go to an Original Six team. It’s great to see such a story as Tim Thomas’ success. Chara, Lucic, congrats on bringing the Cup home, albeit with the wrong jersey on. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Congratulations to the better team!

  • Thank you, Elli. If it was a team other than Boston or New Jersey, I’d be pulling for you. As it was, I was just hoping all my friend in the area (you and your fellow included) were safe. The riots looked really dangerous, so I’m glad you posted and hope all is well. I also was reminding some of my friends that it was only a handful of fools and certainly not the average Canadian hockey fan, who would be mortified. I do like the fellow that did stand up to those punks. The Mayor should give him recognition. May things calm down soon. Next season will be here before we know it. Prayers & hugs from Boston & Providence.

    • Thanks for your well wishes, and yes, I am safe out here. The only excitement around my house was the high school kids doing burnouts in the school parking lot a block over. 🙂 But they do that almost every night anyway…

      Til next year!

  • I have friends in both cities… congratulated the Bostonians but also thought about you when the clock hit zero. Big hug your way, Elli!

    • Thanks for the hug! I’m looking forward to next year 🙂

    • Now I have to worry about who stands behind the bench for my Devils. Clearly, the team responded to Jacques Lemaire and put on one of the all-time great runs to make a playoff berth a possibility. So the next coach has to come from that same mindset – a Lemaire/Montreal disciple, so to speak – if the team is going to play like they did in the second half.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a big fan of yours, thankful member of your site, and just wanted to say how impresed I am with the Canucks fans….

    I grew up in Winnipeg, born and bred Jet…they moved about the same time as I did, and I’m down in Atlanta (and now my Thashers have flown the coop back to Manitoba!) As a Jets fan, I always had reason to dislike you guys….but I had to admit Vancouver is the most beautiful city in our nation (certainly bolstered by yourself.)

    I was pleasantly surprised by the passion the Canucks fan showed throughout the playoffs, and ended up pulling for them hard….Shame it ended the way it did, but congrats on what you accomplished.

    That said–Winnipeg’s going to kick your ass come next season 😉

    • Wow, thank you for posting! My parents are from Winterpeg, so I grew up as a somewhat-Jets fan. 🙂 I was so sad to see them go.

      It’s going to take Winnipeg a few years to settle in before they kick Canuck ass, I think. Thrashers aren’t used to -40C 🙂

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