Sexy Times!

This has definitely been a week of sex! I needed it pretty badly, too, after all the fuss with moving house and such. So we’ve managed somehow to have sex pretty much every day for a week now, and that’s a great thing. 🙂 🙂 Today we picked up the video camera for a session and taped some super hot material. My only problem now is getting it rendered and online without our house guests catching on!

Went back to Tandoori Kitchen tonight. Pretty good and consistent quality from our first visit, but not a lot of meat in the dishes. The butter chicken had about 8 pieces of chicken, the lamb curry had 7. I’d expect a bit more, considering the price. The dal was SO GOOD, so they are mostly forgiven.

I signed up for Canadian Netflix this week, since it finally launched up here. The first month is free, so I figured why not? Well, the library seems pretty pitiful so far. No current seasons of any tv shows. No BBC shows at all. No Canadian shows even, like Little Mosque on the Prairie. Most of the documentary section I’ve already seen. Looks like I’ll be canceling our membership before the month is up. Colour me disappointed. I had such high hopes!

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  • yeah i’ve read about the poor selection for netflix. one of the reasons i didn’t bother with the free month option. but if they operate under the same rules as the american version, there’s another glitch that might hurt.

    the american netflix made a deal with the hollywood studios where new releases that come to dvd/blu-ray wont be available on netflix for anywhere from 30 to 90 days. there are many people who only go for newer releases when it comes to renting, so i’m curious how that will all play out.

    the other catch is that in canada, most if not all Internet Providers now have caps on their bandwith. in my case i’m with Rogers and its a 60GB a month cap. thats more than enough for my usual internet/xbox/PS3 activities but movies on netflix take 1gb each or 2gb if they are in HD, so that can eat up your bandwith very easily if you’re not careful.

    it’ll be interesting to see a year from now how its doing.

    • The free month is nice, but I’ll definitely be canceling. I personally don’t care to see a movie within 30 days of its theatre release. Sometimes a movie will stay on my To Watch list for a year before I see it.

      Yes, the bandwidth cap could be a bit problematic. I’m already on the Extreme Internet package, which allows 100GB a month down, so that should be ok. But if it’s between $10 a month more for more bandwidth, or paying $5 for every movie over my cap that I want to watch… that’s a tough call.

  • Anonymous

    I am sure Netflix will get better. Hopefully now that it is open, some of the content providers will get on board and sign up deal so the content can show up. There are just so many different people all wanting different things and none of them actually thinking about what the consumer wants to have. That is why Roku, Apple TV, and Google TV boxes and all the other have different content. It just isn’t consumer friendly out there in the streaming market.

    Love your site, been a fan from the early days.

    • Well so far we’ve watched Mad Max and Gojira. The streaming quality is pretty darned good. Just the movie selection is pretty weak. In the anime area they have no Miyazaki or any of the big titles. Mostly a few manga series and smaller titles I hadn’t heard of. What is nice is ‘skimming’ through movies I wouldn’t bother watching in entirety, like Mega Shark vs Huge Octopus or whatever that was. 🙂

  • I’m glad to hear you’re getting what you need. Can’t wait for updates.

  • I am very happy with Netflix down here, but I get the DVDs in the mail too. The on demand selection is much smaller, but there are still a lot of them to choose from. They will never have current episodes of TV shows. They are based on DVDs, so next year when this season comes out on DVD they will have them. If you have watched all of the documentaries, you have watched a lot of documentaries. I have loved going through that section and discovering something new just about every day.

    • Netflix in Canada has an extremely limited library. It even asks you to rate movies you’ve seen, but then when you click on them, they show as “currently unavailable.” I just counted, and the docs section has just about 280 movies in it. Admittedly I haven’t seen all of them, but there isn’t a lot there that interests me that I haven’t yet seen. Netflix in the US in a completely different animal.

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