Attn: New Yorkers upset about the $700b Bail out

I just received a Twitter to pass on to you!

phnx0221 @elligirl if you have ppl interested in protesting the bailout, and they live in new york, let them know about sept 25 4 pm wall st protest

So there, now you’re informed! I have no idea if any of my bloggy friends are even in New York, much less politically inclined. But here goes nuthin! 🙂

One thought on “Attn: New Yorkers upset about the $700b Bail out

  • Anonymous

    Unsure why there’s a protest in New York,…

    mainly because New York state is the only state in the union that depends on the bailout. We’re losing around $400 million dollars that we get for having the Stock Exchange in this state, and the governor is getting ready to kill about 4,000 state workers jobs. So, any protest by New Yorkers would be being made by a bunch of idiots.

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