Finally a little bit of justice for NOLA

” NEW ORLEANS – The Army Corps of Engineers can be held liable for flood damage caused by a “hurricane highway,” a navigation channel that is believed to have funneled Hurricane Katrina‘s storm surge into the city, a federal judge ruled Friday.

The suit charges the agency with ignoring repeated warnings that the MRGO turned into a “hurricane highway,” funneling Katrina’s storm surge into St. Bernard Parish and New Orleans and overwhelming levees and flood walls.

The 76-mile shipping channel was built about 40 years ago as a shortcut to New Orleans. For years, environmentalists and emergency planners have blasted the channel as a destructive force because it has eroded enormous tracts of wetlands and increased the threat of flooding.”


I doubt much will come of the lawsuit, but at least a bit of justice is being served. Don’t let Bush forget Katrina!

2 thoughts on “Finally a little bit of justice for NOLA

  • Well, they shouldn’t have been messing with the natural barriers in the first place. However, do note that it was started back in the ’50s and completed in 1965. This stupidity along with individual and corporate greed (which was traceable) has lasted for 40 years. Even if you destroy the levees and those people win, it’ll be a matter of time and at least 40 more years to restore the natural state of affairs

    I also would have never let people move back to the Ninth, but that’s up to the politicians. I’m between restoring New Orleans and letting those who re-elected Ray Nagin suffer their folly. What were they thinking? Louisiana politics are sometimes a study in insanity.

  • Anonymous

    Yep, and don’t forget Ray”do nothing” Nagin who never ordered the buses to evacuate the people of New Orleans and might have saved more lives if he had. AMAZING that he was reelected mayor after that whole debacle. Sad that politics will always trump actually doing something to help make our lives a little more tolerable.

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