Canada ruins American Election – Americans ready to tear down undefended border in outrage!

Ok, maybe not really. Maybe we’re just over-exaggerating our effect on the total outcome of the next Presidential election. But right now we’re embroiled in a Canadian Controversy that our PM has vowed to get to the bottom of, come hell or high water! Rah rah! Go Harper! Err…

K, in case you missed it, this is what happened:

A memo was leaked from somewhere in the Canadian federal government that said Sen. Obama was over-exaggerating his determination to remove the US from NAFTA. In fact, the memo said Obama’s claim was mere “political manoeuvring.” Well Ohio doesn’t apparently enjoy freeish trade with Canada, and Sen. Cliton proceeded to win the primary election in that state, a few days after this memo was released.

Now various groups are calling for the resignation or firing of whoever released the memo in the first place. Calling it corruption and scandal etc, etc.

What I want to know is: was this memo even mentioned in the States? Did it seriously have an effect on voters attending Ohio’s primary?

Come on now, we’re only Canadians. It’s not like we can change the world, or anything.

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21 thoughts on “Canada ruins American Election – Americans ready to tear down undefended border in outrage!

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    Yeah, and did you know…

    …that Canada quietly made an agreement that either country’s military can cross the other’s border in the event of a “National Emergency”?

    That’s real and it is in the books. And, I think it more likely on any given day that the Americans would be tramping over out Border before we go over their’s!

    who knows when and why the Yanks will storm the gates and what will constitute a National Emergency”

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  • Anonymous

    As an Ohio democrat who voted in the primary, I would say it had no effect on how I voted. There was some discussion in the state press about the issue, but most of Clinton’s add where trying to show how she is more experienced and not ads attacking Obama.

  • You have too many “http”s in your link!

  • First I’ve heard of it, although I’ve been working long days and perhaps not catching as much news as I might have otherwise.

    Of course, we are all very concerned about Canadian hegemony down here, especially its potentially disastrous effect on our freedom and culture. If we don’t remain vigilant, we’re all going to wake up one day and find ourselves speaking English.

    Wait a minute…

  • I didn’t hear much about it Elli. More people were spending time on the Slate Calculator trying to figure out what Hillary’s minimal delegate count meant. If the Canadian PM had an impact, it meant nothing. If Hillary wins every remaining state 60/40, she’ll still lose the delegate count:

    • That’s highly interesting. What’s the point of delegates anyway?

      • The point of delegates

        in a party primary is much the same as that of the Electoral College in the general election; it’s a way for the Federalists (which, oddly, means “people who prefer state government to the federal government”) to ensure that there are no “national elections” — all elections are run by State Supervisors of Election, even the Presidential ones.

        We do not live in a democracy, we live in a democratic republic, a plan designed specifically to keep us from doing what the 1936 citizens of the Weimar Republic did.

        Which we’re otherwise easily stupid enough to do.

        • Re: The point of delegates

          You just made me look up a whole bunch more stuff.

          • Re: The point of delegates

            It’s just one of the many convenient services I offer.

            I especially like ESR’s essay “Ethics From The Barrel Of A GUn”, which touches on the issue, as well…

  • Currently it’s more or less a blip on the internet radar, and the bubble hasn’t surfaced yet. I don’t know if it will, or if the US media will be more interested in the Hilary Vs. Obama One Fall 10-Minute Time Limit Rasslin’ Match. I suspect the latter…

  • The fact that Obama, or his advisers, were talking to anyone in Canada about policy that they have no right to talk about as an authority was bad. This was the vibe that I have gotten from my political friends, but its effect on the race? Uncertain.

    I don’t like the idea of Texas voting twice with their fancy caucus after the election. Maybe we should have Canada monitor the Texans. (Or maybe we can give them back to Mexico — gratis!) My wife just realized that I really don’t like Texas (or at least East Texas) and this was just another layer of frosting on the cake. Please, just invade… send polar bears, if possible.

  • …always blaming someone that isn’t themselves. I’d find it funny if people down there (en mass) actually listened to what Canadian politicians had to say.

    The fact that they’ve since come out and said that it was just a debating tactic (implying not something they truly believe in) is all the more embarassing.

    In all honesty I don’t know what NAFTA’s benefits/consequences are, for all countries involved. I can’t decide which side I would take.

  • The good senator from Illinois reportedly owns and drives a Chrysler 300… perhaps he should check the build sticker and note it was assembled in Brampton, Ontario.

  • I hadn’t seen anything about it until today, through Digg. If it wasn’t made a big enough deal to hit Digg until today, I seriously doubt it influenced much of anything two days ago.

  • Anonymous

    Q: Was this memo even mentioned in the States?

    A: Yes

    Q: Did it seriously have an effect on voters attending Ohio’s primary?

    A: Possibly, but unlikely

  • Actually yes, it did get a lot of air play down here. Clinton used the issue to argue that Obama wasn’t on the up-and-up with the voters.

    It’s assumed that a political operative in the US started the whole kerfuffle.

  • It’s certainly not the Canadian government’s fault. It’s Obama’s fault – or his advisors, which amounts to the same thing. This article explains part of the problem.

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