A vote for Hillary could be a vote for Monsanto? Say it ain’t so!

This makes me very, very sad. I really liked Hillary, but Monsanto is as close to a stereotypical evil multinational as reality can get.


3 thoughts on “A vote for Hillary could be a vote for Monsanto? Say it ain’t so!

  • Anonymous


    Or one can vote for a 100 years more of elective wars, politics always makes strange bed fellows, all for the $$$$$$ it takes to run.
    Like others have said here, you make the best choice you can.

    Interesting article in NY T today, a follow up to one he wrote about hating hillary.
    How irrational a lot of it is.

    But if Dems select obama all the lingereing racist baggage of this country will come out in the months to come…I say let it, lets see the poisons and maybe we’ll repudiate them.


  • Well, I haven’t been surprised by any strange things from her since Vince Foster. She still might be the best overall choice, but it’s like picking out fish at the market. They’re all slimey — you just want to have the one that serves you the best.

  • This is why I wait until about mid-October to decide for whom I’ll vote. By then, all the dirty laundry is over with, all the skeletons are out of the closet, and I can choose the “lesser of two evils.” I’m not a party person, so the primaries are just a comical horse race to me… and I’ve been known to vote for a Democratic president, Republican senator, and Democratic governor just as a way ti keep the parties in check *they sure can’t do that on their own).

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