Heavy Rainfall Warning

The weather channel was red this morning. I am to watch for heavy rainfall, and to stay tuned to local radio stations for information. A warm Pacific front is moving in, you see. Lucky me. I haven’t walked the dog in days because of the rain, and now this is just one more day to stay inside. Poor girl.

I fiddled with my LiveJournal a bit last night. I know, you’re shocked. You couldn’t tell. It’s ok to admit it. It’s like when someone walks up to you and excitedly says, “Can you tell what’s different about me?” And you peer and look and frown and say, “Um, you got new shoes?” Their face falls and they look sullen. “No, I got a haircut. I can’t believe you didn’t notice.”

So here I’m telling you, to avoid the confusion and embarrassment. What do you think? I wanted to make my own style, but couldn’t wrap my head around the S2 coding that LiveJournal uses. I guess I’ve been away from code too long. I need to study up again. Ever read something that you KNOW should be clicking, but never does? You just stare and scan up and down the page, wondering where the hell to start and knowing that it wouldn’t make a difference anyway. Arg. So this is what we have so far. Any suggestions or complaints are welcome. 🙂

Of course nobody will be reading this right now. They’re all out protesting Bush’ inauguration…

3 thoughts on “Heavy Rainfall Warning

  • eh, I doubt there are all that many people protesting.. between the snow and all the street closures and the fact its friggin cold, DC is about empty… It’s too hard and too much of a hassle getting downtown. though the protesters did get their own set of bleachers… that way security will have em all penned up so they can’t cause probs, and prob get lots of pics and id’s so they can keep track of em.. oops, our government would never do such a thing…

    Besides, his yes men will make sure to spin things so all he see’s is the people that love him anyways…

  • looks good to me. GW knows I hate him; I send him regular mails criticizing his policies. So I was excused from going out to protest him.

  • I have no complaints Lovely One. I am actually thinking of doing something similar with my own LJ page. (put some more stuff up there too) Persoanlly I am ignoring the inauguration, so I had time to check out your lovely page here.

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