Me, the Reluctant Pornstar

You might have noticed the new title to my LiveJournal. Truth is, I’ve been submitting it to a few LJ link sites, and they always ask for a title. Well, “Elli’s Diary” seemed to lack a little… punch. But I didn’t pull the phrase out of my hat in a marketing fever.

Now and then, throughout the course of my site’s life, people have referred to me as a “pornstar.” I am fully aware of the content of my site and what I do for a living, but still, the label “pornstar” seems to rankle.

I don’t *feel* like a pornstar. I never set out to *be* a pornstar. I’ve stuck to my own values and preferences quite steadily over the past 7 years, actually. I don’t sleep around with other guys (other than a couple brief experiments with swinging that didn’t even make it onto my site). And I don’t appear in professional hardcore porn productions. I don’t aspire to appear in Playboy. I don’t ask popular male stars to join me on my site. Overall, my site is pretty vanilla. It’s mostly just me, being me. I love to tease and I have a streak of exhibitionism that gets to shine now and then. So it keeps me happy. In my mind, I am simply a woman who has a site. I don’t want to be a “star”. I don’t want to break into acting. I’m just exploring and having fun and sharing.

“Exhibitionist”, sure. “Amateur webgirl”, yep. “Oversexed naked woman”, you betcha. But “pornstar?”

73 thoughts on “Me, the Reluctant Pornstar

  • Anonymous


    I was a member of your site a long time ago and I remember your posts of photos from your swinging experiments. It was your hubby and some other guy. You were sitting in a chair and got them both off. It was hot. Definitely porn.

  • Anonymous

    Porn star?

    You have chosen not to let yoursexuality define who you are, yet allow people to enjoy your exhibitionist side. Way to go! You are a star because in this world of fake boobs, fake scenes, and fake orgasms, you remain totally real. And that is what makes you one of the sexiest women on the web. Stay real Elli, you are the best! If you ever come down to PA I would love to meet you and even let you take some girl-girl pics with me if you want!

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