Normally I’m not a bitch.

Normally. But I just came home to this lovely email. I will post it here.

Dear Elli,
You are too fat and too old to be making videos for the Internet.

Does Sherry not have anything better to do than ciritcize other people? To bring them down? I thanked her for adding her particular brand of sunshine to my day, of course.

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t even know what a SATA is, but I am sure you will use it to its highest and best. Congratulations on the new stuff!

  • Anonymous

    A Real Fiction!

    She must be someone who gets into catfights to make her own inadequocies appear to disapear for herself. Still “quality erotica”.

    Technically you could say that would apply to me, but I believe I would have no problem getting a part in several websites.

  • Anonymous

    I’m insulted

    I happen to think you’re intelligent, beautiful, sexy and desirable. Looking at your photo sets and watching your videos makes my heart race. So where the hell does this turd get off insulting my taste in women? You’re gorgeous and I love your site! Fuck her!


  • Anonymous

    Woweeee. That just blew me away (and not in a good way). Some people are just asking for trouble. Mean and stupid.

    – Seska

  • Ha! Maybe I should make a video and post it on the Internet. We could make Sherry watch it, and the trauma would make her go blind. Or insane. That’d teach her!

  • elli, elli, you’re so fine!

    you’re so fine, you blow my mind! hey elli! yeah, yeah, hey elli!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Sherry,

    If you upset our Elli, we will be forced to come around and kick your guide dog.

    The Elli-Posse

  • Journal Surfing Brought me here..

    I’m not going to bash on someone else, or even really address her remark. Worlds full of too much hate anyway.

    You are beautiful, I think you know that, though.

  • There Are Many Idiots Out There…

    Dearest Elli, you need never to worry about such people. Sherry’s just a mal-adjusted idiot who nows nothing at all about beauty. You have been an inspiration for me as an artist, a friend and a viewer for years now and I personally think you are even more lovely now than you were when I first saw you. You are gracing my painting, my digital art and my other models, collectors and the gallery directors I have worked with all feel you have a universal and truly aesthetic beauty that shines beyond the ordinary. Sherry’s jealousy is terribly apparent, (why else write such a thing to someone, eh?), I guess some people become afraid, threatened and lash out at those who outshine them so deeply.
    You are ever my Lovely Goddess.

  • Anonymous

    Sherry has GOT to be…

    insanely jealous
    completely unappreciative of feminine beauty
    unworthy of any more of your time or consideration.

    Elli, you’re very, very beautiful and sexy. I’m downloading some of your Cousin Billy pics and they’re setting me off. Trust me: you’re one of the hottest models I’ve seen on the Internet–not just because of your body, but also because of your spirit that comes through in the shoots. You’ve got it, babe, and probably always WILL have it.

    In terms of looks, you have NOTHING to worry about. If you find that the shoots, videos, chats, etc. are becoming a chore, I think you should cut back or take a break. A lot of women seem to keep posing long after it bores them…and it shows. People pick up on forced smiles, stiff body language, etc.

    I don’t see that in any of your pics. Just thought I’d remind you that you’re in charge here. This is your show: do it as long as you like.

    Your fan in DC

  • Just a little opinion. This one’s for you, Elli-chan

    Courtesy you Kuro-chan. E-mail sent is direct quote.

    Dear Sherry,

    May I call you Sherry? If you prefer, I could call you Ms. Schaden. You see, this is called “Being polite.” Can you say “Being Polite?” I’m not sure, that may be too large of a concept for you, considering your e-mail to a dear friend of mine. I am writing, not because she asked me to, but because I felt that your e-mail to her lacked a certain wit. Confused? I will elaborate (sorry, large word, again. I will explain)

    Here’s a copy of your e-mail

    “Dear Elli,

    You are too fat and too old to be making videos for the Internet.


    Let’s begin with your’ statement “You are too fat and too old” shall we?

    Today, modern standards would lead you to believe that your 98 pound 6’2 female is the ideal body weight and shape. I would point out that up until recently, a lady with an hourglass figure was considered a sex goddess/sex symbol (take Marylin Monroe, Doris Day, Fae Rae, etc…) This figure has inspired men for centuries. You should not call it fat, unless of course you are one of these “size 0, swizzel stick” looking individuals who resemble a microphone stand when they turn sideways. What can I say, Olive Oyl from the Popeye comics never inspired my imagination.

    Next we shall focus on the “too old” comment, okay? Obviously, you haven’t been paying close attention to my friends site. She is only in her late 20’s. Now, considering that the average life expectancy is approximately 80 years old in most civilized cultures (longer if you don’t smoke, and she doesn’t) that’s considered young. If you consider Elli old, perhaps your tastes run towards a younger type of person…, say 16-18. If so, I would advise you seek help, soon, before it lands you in jail. If you do not wish to seek help, I do have some professionals whom I work with on a frequent basis that would love to have a talk with you. They are the gentlemen who come knocking at your door, flash a badge, then confiscate your computer equipment, and throw you in jail for a very long time. Take my advice….. Seek help.

    Something else just occured to me. Perhaps you are married. Perhaps you have found Elli’s site on your husband’s computer and are lashing out irrationally because you can’t stand the thought of your husband viewing pornography while you are available. You think it’s a sin, or that you are failing in some aspect, otherwise, why would he be surfing adult sites while you are home? Is this the case, Ms Schaden? If so, lash out at your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend, whatever. Elli is a fine lady with a good intelligent mind. She is not the target of your rage. Your partner is.

    In closing, Ms Schaden, you have sent an e-mail with hurtful intent (albeit, you weren’t very elegant in your writing, I would have taken more time to point things out if I were trying to really hurt someone. **see above examples**). You have designs to injure someone you have no knowledge of, nor have any intention of getting to know. If this is your goal in life, may I suggest a job for you, Go work for the IRS, they hire people like you on a daily basis.


    Kuro Tenshi,
    A Thougtful Observer

    I couldn’t let it go. My apologies. I sat for 45 minutes trying to be as polite as possible while still casting enough aspersions upon her character to let her know she was in foul odor with us.

    **bows deeply**
    Arigato, Elli-chan, for letting us vent a little steam.


  • what a snarky little brat.

    Here I was just about to drop you an e-mail saying that you look absolutely better than ever these days.

    So, let me say here definitively, you look better than ever these days. You also looked beautiful before now, too.

    One of the things this chica will have to learn is that if you want to do the posing nude thing, you should be nice to other models. It doesn’t play well in public to be rude and shitty, because that antagonizes people.

    One of the things about you, Elli, is that you come across as a nice person. That counts for a lot; being decent, polite, friendly, and fun. There are people who do what you do who have a certain attitude, a kind of condescension or barely disguised contempt for the people who visit their sites, which is a terrible turn-off no matter how pretty they are.

    You on the other hand have none of that. Your online attitude and personality, just as much as your splendiferous physique, causes people to like you and makes people come to your defense when you are blindsided by snarky little bony girls with bad teeth who probably have several diseases with names longer than my arm.

  • Elli,

    is that 28 in metric years?

    maybe this woman needs to replace her computer monitor?

  • Sherry’s not welcome on my Internet. You, Elli, are absolutely beautiful.

  • Anonymous


    You are HOT and funny.
    Want me to Email-bomb the beotch?
    She’s f*cking clownshoe.
    Stay you, stay real.

    Just a fan. 🙂

    • I see the problem!!

      Shes jealous cause elli has boobies, and she has the body of an 11 year old boy.

      /actually likes small breasted women, but anything to jab a stick in this bitch.

    • Re: sherryschaden

      Mmm, yeah, if that’s sherry, I’m sure she’s been reading “Seventeen” magazine for two whole extra years just to try and catch up on what she should do in life. Just prime eatin if you’re a redneck piece of trailer park trash and have a little penchant for girls who look 13. Who photographed that? It looks like stock shit from a department store lingerie catalog.

      Also, a little piece of advice. Pick ANY brand. Teeth whitener, strips, toothpaste, ANYTHING. Nice smoker’s teeth. Yum. Really.

  • Trolls are good eatin.

    That’s my girl you’re fucking with. I reserve this special little piece of artwork just for people like Sherry.

  • Anybody who even so much as implies that you’re fat clearly has such a skewed view on what a woman should look like that they aren’t worth wasting your time on. You’re far too cool/intelligent to pay attention to pointless drivel like this. However, you do get extra style points for posting the e-mail address, because that’s just evil and I’m sure a few people will happily sign them up for every mailing list under the sun. :>

    Also, if you’re old, I’m really not that far behind you, if I’m remembering your age right at the moment. 🙂

  • ok, first of all

    sherry is probably a 40 year old 400 pound guy who finds 14 year old underweight girls the only suitable women for dating. Which is why hes still living in moms basement.

    and for someone too fat and old to be on hte internet, you seem to make a dam good living off of all of the guys who must have a thing for fat old chicks.

    Fat an old. How the fuck warped must this persons world be? Sigh. So is this the only hate mail youve gotten recently?

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