Polar bear fetishists

I guess there aren’t any here. No comments on the poor polars’ plight?

Today was an odd day. I tried to get a lot done, honest I did. Here it is almost midnight though, and let’s do a tally.

Email – check
Update list – check
talk to at least three fans on yahoo and icq – check
add to my LIveJournal – check
talk to my ex – check

Yeah, that’s impressive. *snort* I still need to dream up a logo for my CafePress.com addition to my site. I still need to put tomorrow’s update together. I didn’t walk the dog or go grocery shopping or fix my mom’s printer. And I haven’t seen my boyfriend in days.

That’s my main problem. He has been stuck in bed with sciatica, which means I’ve had to go visit him to see him, and since his sleeping hours have been so weird, I haven’t been able to visit him at all since Friday.

I really do value my time alone, but I still get lonely. I should have gone out with my friend last night. At least that would have got me out of the house.

Sorry for the blah entry. I’ll try to be more uplifted tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Polar bear fetishists

  • Anonymous

    There is only one Sherry I know that spells her name that way and she left Dreamnet last july *wink*

  • hehe that’s ok 🙂 what were you finding out how to do?

    • how to send messages/mail to the officials in charge of all the bear madness. And dealing with my computer, which at the time was being cranky-esque.

  • Nobody ever expects … Sciatica!

    For the very curious, more information at Spine-health.com

    Elli’s not to blame for what’s afflicted me, Sciatica is one of those idiosymptomatic or asymptomatic (no accurately known cause in the majority of cases) almost random conditions. It just appeared one day, a horrible pain in my lower right back and periodically my back locks up and I can barely move, or my leg feels like it went completely dead (or asleep) and it’s a lot of great fun in general! (sarcasm)

    If anything, we learned that LOTS of sex definately doesn’t make it worse the other night. It even felt like it relaxed it quite a lot for a long while. But then blam, it was rearing it’s ugly head again.

    I’m listening to busy signals, waiting for appointments, hoping I can make it to said appointments (that it’s not a day when walking feels like you’re being stabbed repeatedly in the back with a pitchfork) .. working on getting the ‘type’ diagnosed and then treatment could be anything from a simple course of medications to chiropractor or physical rehab, or even just manually applying a deep pressure massage to the nerve bundle until it finally stops clenching like a fist.

    She didn’t break me, honest. I was not coerced or forced to write this informational blurb. 😉

    -Semper Fidels Ad Noctem

    • Re: Nobody ever expects … Sciatica!

      Of course I didn’t break you! I am very careful, you know that. 😉

      Hmm maybe sushi will help?

  • What in the name of?

    That’s awful Elli!

    Now, stay off the boyfriend Elli! Don’t hurt the young lad!! LOL

    • Anonymous

      Re: What in the name of?

      Yeah, I was wondering how the poor fellow got sciatica. Is this a recently acquired malady? Or was it recently acquired with the acquaintance with m’lady?

      As far as shooting polar bears, I mean, what’s the sport? Maybe in a blizzard….but I don’t really get hunting for anything you won’t wear or eat at a subsistence level. Maybe people who hunt polar bears ought to be made to stay there for 6 months before they can return to civilization.

      Coldboy (Earned the name today – it was -14F this morning, which is about -23C, if I’m doing the sums correctly).

  • Anonymous

    some days are very blah. That’s OK.

    I did mean to comment about the bears, but I went to the site & got all involved with finding out how to do something about it that I forgot…

  • unlike baby seals, it’s hard to think of putting yourself between a hunter and a polar bear – cause then you’re turning yourself into a final meal.

    But it is wrong.

    • A final meal? A hunter can shoot a polar bear with a scope and a rifle before the bear even smells or sees him there. That is hardly fair.

      • I don’t support the hunting of polar bears. It’s just that as a protester, you can’t try to put yourself between the hunter and the bear like the protesters used to do with the baby seal slaughters – cause unlike the baby seal, the polar bear will eat you. this is a protest that must be fought in a poltical arena.

  • Polar Bears and Reluctant Pornstars

    Wish I had found your journal sooner old friend! I am not a big hunting fan period but Polar Bear Hunting?! What is the sport in that? It isn’t like they have a lot of places to hide in the Arctic … ridiculous!

    We need to stay in touch more sweety … wish you had replaced Peter with an OLD MAN IN MINNESOTA 🙂 And what is this “Porn Star” stuff? Do you honestly consider your site Porn? Or is there something you also do that I have missed in the last eight years E?!

    • Re: Polar Bears and Reluctant Pornstars

      hehe sorry about that, Bill. But long distance relationships really aren’t my thing. My man lives 35 minutes away, and that’s quite far enough for me! 🙂

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