It’s getting hot in here.. I just lost my clothes!

Whew! I just realized I was still all bundled up from taking the dog for a walk. I was wondering why I was sweating! 🙂

My internet is back up and solid, thank you very much! Woohoo! Hooray for modern miracles and all that! 🙂

Hmm, not much to report today. My mother-in-law is driving out east, and she called this afternoon. She was supposed to have arrived at her destination by Wednesday, but apparently she got snowed in just a few days after she set out on the road, so she’s planning on arriving sometime over the weekend. I’m crossing my fingers for her! I’d hate to have to drive across the mountains in a car in the winter! Brrrrr! Can we say -25C?

I did most of my site’s update today before 1pm, when I went to the gym. DANG professional days! It was full of teenagers on their day off school. Grrrrr. So again I kept my workouts to 20 minutes on the machines. This time stairmaster for 20 mins, circuit, then elliptical for 15 cuz it was just WAY too hot in there. They need better fans, I tell ya. Not to mention better reading material. I’m sorry, but I just can’t keep my focus when the only thing in front of me is People or US magazine. Oh, and Woman’s Day is much better. ugh. There are two Time magazines, both out of date, that I have devoured cover-to-cover a few times over now. Next time I’m breaking down and bringing my own book.

Ok, enough griping! I had a really good walk with the dog (Missy) today! While I was finishing off my update, she came up and dropped her ball at my feet. Yeah, dogs are known for their subtleties. 🙂 So once my work was done, I grabbed the ball and a poop bag and drove off to the horse track. It’s an old one that’s mostly used as an off-leash dog park now. It’s a nice hard clay, so it’s tolerable even in the rain, and the dog doesn’t get too muddy. Unless I throw the ball into the ditch around the inner edge of the track, which of course I did. It was an accident, I swear! I’m just glad I remembered to bring a towel for the seat of the car, cuz she was a MESS! Missy is an extremely fluffy dog, and from belly to toes she was soaked in stagnant smelly ditch water. She was so gosh-darned happy though that she found her ball that I couldn’t get mad at her. She’s got a charming smile, you see. 🙂

After the walk she was a bit cheesed about not being allowed on the furniture, but she flaked out on the floor for a solid half hour before she woke up again. And that was only 2 1/2 laps of the track! Mind you, I kept throwing the ball ahead, so with all her running back and forth, she probably went easily 3 or 3 1/2 laps. 🙂

I made myself some macaroni for dinner because Peter was out on business for the evening and watched That 70’s Show. hehe that one always cracks me up, even re-runs. 🙂

After that I did some traffic generation and made a new banner for myself. It’s quite pretty, if I may say so myself! 🙂 Usually my graphics creativity is about nil.. or say the level of a non-arts grade 8 student in arts class. 🙂

I think I’m going to do the non-Friday thing and actually get some sleep tonight. This calls for a nice cup of tea and a book. If I wasn’t so hot still, I’d light a fire. 🙂

Ok, if anyone is actually reading these, you are welcome to add comments. Otherwise I have no idea if you’re enjoying this or if I should just be keeping all these silly things to myself. 🙂

Oh, and I moved my chat to Sunday at 10am as a kind of Superbowl pre-game. That should be fun! Gooooo Raiders! 🙂

4 thoughts on “It’s getting hot in here.. I just lost my clothes!

  • Anonymous

    anybody read this?

    hi Ellie,
    Another Mike here,and I agree with all he said,I’m not a member yet but I have been on your mailing list for some.You really are something special.All that gym time explains your fabulous body but I dont know where your incredible sex appeal comes from.Must be something to do with that wicked twinkle in your eyes.”cream” is great,one of the best he did
    love Mikexxxxxx

    • hey mike!

      Hey Mike! thanks very much! I’m glad you’re still hanging around, giving me a chance! 🙂 Hmm the sex appeal.. I’ve always had that twinkle in my eye, as far as I can remember. 🙂 Must be the water up here!

  • Anonymous

    Go Raiders!!!!!

    Hi Elli…have to tell you that the changes you have made to your free pages is awesome and the pictures you have there are just gorgeous…also this is a terrific idea and I hope you keep it going. So, seeing you on chat and watching the Raiders win all in the same day will be fabulous. Thanks for the heads up about the chat time change and I will be there. You are very special Elli in all that you do and just too gorgeous and spectacular for words. Thanks for everything and have a great rest of the weekend. Love ya. Michael.

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