Gettin’ My Hit

When I sat down at my computer this morning to check my email… there was no email! I mean,there was no connection! Poof! Just like that! How does this happen in this day and age, I asked myself! Reaching the usual conclusion: computers are stupid, I called up tech support for my cable company. Granted the guy was actually quite helpful and he helped me find the XP way to renew IP addresses, but it was a temporary solution. The cable quit again within the hour. So I called back when I got back home from taking the Nikon in to get the CCD cleaned (100$ a pop! ouch!). This time I got a sexy sounding Aussie accent on the phone, which immediately made me feel better. 🙂 He helped me through the same process, which didn’t work, but he set up a service call for me first thing in the morning. Finally a tech guy who recognizes the meaning of “my job is being online. I NEED to have my cable back!”

So I gave up and hit the gym. 20 minutes on the stairmaster (ugh ow make it stop), a circuit of weight machines (there’s 7 or so that I do), then 35 minutes on the elliptical trainer. I usually do 35 of each cardio, but during ‘peak times’ there’s a maximum of 20 minutes so you can’t hog the machines. 🙂 And 6:30pm tonight was peak time. Arg.

So I came home and lo and behold, Peter got the internet working again! It’s still kind of touch and go, but if we all cross our fingers together and hope real hard.. you know how the rest goes. 🙂

Ohhh I watched Amelie this afternoon! What a WONDERFUL funny movie! You know, that’s the kind of romantic comedy I enjoy! I suffer through movies like Maid in Manhattan, but give me an Amelie or a Strictly Ballroom and I enjoy the heck out of myself. 🙂 I highly recommend it to everyone. 🙂

Well, I think that counts as my ‘hit’ of internet access. It’s due to conk out on me again soon. 🙂 And besides, it’s story time! We’re at the part in The Outsider when the main character is being interviewed by his lawyer. It’s kind of getting, well, if not interesting, at least tolerable.

A demain!

One thought on “Gettin’ My Hit

  • Amelie and the Outsider

    Amelie is a wonderful movie, and I would so steal the gnome trick to pull on somebody except that all my friends have already seen it.

    As for the Outsider, wait until you get to his whole explanation of what happened. And when you do, could you explain to me please? 🙂

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