A New Day

Well, it was a new day today. That happens a lot, I’ve noticed…

It was parent-teacher interview day! Yay! So Peter and I went to the high school to check up on my sis, since she lives with us. She said we could beat her up if any of the teachers said anything bad about her. I’ll tell ya, she got off lucky this time. 🙂 The only thing close to a bad remark was “she has a little test anxiety she needs to deal with.” Blah. What can I say? She’s a good kid. 🙂 I’m actually proud as.. well, proud as anything of my sis. She’s totally turned her life around in the last three years, and she’s a great kid. Heck, she has a better work ethic than I do!

After chatting with some of Peter’s friends who are organizing his 10-year reunion this year, we went home. I headed to the gym, which was busy busy when I got there, but was quiet by the time 6:30pm rolled around. There was an older guy there that I’ve seen off and on. He’s pretty ripped and has that salt-and-pepper hair and he’s awfully handsome, if I was into that. Gosh, I’m glad Peter doesn’t read my journal. 🙂

There were posters up at the gym for the Vancouver SunRun in April. I’m waffling about training for it. It’d be fun, it’d be an accomplishment, it’d get me in shape.. on the other hand, it’s getting up at 6am to run in the rain…. I’ll have to check out the website to motivate myself some more. That’s on my to-do list for tomorrow.

My cam show at 8pm went really well, I think. There were lots of good people in chat, and we had a lot of fun. No wild stuff, just mostly teasing and chatting, but it was cool. Margo always cracks me up. 🙂 And of course, how can I be anything but flattered when a chatter logs in with the name “ellifan”? 🙂

After chat Peter made steaks and salad while I did some dishes. Then we watched a Martin Lawrence movie. Ehhhh it was ok. I was expecting more standup comedy, but it was all preachy about life and white and black folks working together and getting a second chance in life. I mean, it’s cool to see things from his perspective, ie: the media attention he gets for every single screwup. But I wanted to laugh, not to be feeling sorry for him. I’d give it a 6/10.

Now it’s 10 to 12 and I’m just doing this while i’m waiting for Peter to finish his email. Oh, there he’s done. Now I have to go read! We have story time most nights, and right now we’re reading this Camus book, The Outsider, because my sis has to do a project on it for school and it’s easier for her to udnerstand if we all discuss it as we go. Anyways, gotta run! Back to THE most boring book ever by a Nobel prize winner! 🙂

Cha baby!

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